Full-digitally controlled Gate Drive Unit

The full-digitally controlled Gate Drive Unit (GDU) for High Power Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) provides all necessary features, such as active control, active clamping during switching off and active balancing of the collector voltage for IGBTs connected in series. The adaptation of this GDU for a dedicated IGBT Module or a special application is very simple and efficient by just setting parameters in the digital control. This is considered to be one of the major benefits, as hardware adjustments are no longer necessary and the whole system is far more flexible. These software parameters can even be adapted during operation. Therefore, it is possible to introduce an automatic adaptation procedure for a special IGBT module or application. The EMC level of the inverter can also be dynamically reduced depending on the operating point, and it is possible to increase the maximum output power of such an inverter because it is no longer necessary to statically adjust the gate signal to address worst case scenarios.  

  • Wide input voltage range
  • Low power consumption
  • Variable gate array
  • Multiple soft turn-off
  • Multiple overcurrent protection
  • Multiple overvoltage protection
  • Active clamp protection
  • High isolation voltage
  • LED error indication
  • Feedback function

Typical Values

Vce 3300V
Isolation Voltage 10000V
Power Supply 15V (13V-30V)
Static Power Consumption 1.68W
1kHz Switching Power Consumption 2.58W
Gate drive voltage 15V
Max switching frequency 100kHz
Peak current +/- 70A
di/dt protection 3.7us
Overcurrent protection 3000A @125°C
Soft turn-off time 6us
Switch-on delay 400ns
Turn-off delay 400ns
Input/Output/Feedback light fibre 660nm
Working Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Input Avago HFBR-2521Z
Output Avago HFBR-1521Z
Power connection Phoenix FKC 2,5/2-STF-5,08

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